The Beautiful Cervix Project is a grassroots movement celebrating the beauty and intricacies of women’s bodies and fertility.  This website provides accessible information about women’s fertility and menstrual cycles and showcases photographs documenting changes in the cervix and cervical fluid throughout the cycle.

The Beautiful Cervix Project encourages women to learn cervical self-exam and fertility awareness as a revolutionary path of promoting respect, confidence, and health.  We believe that this form of self-empowerment and education will help contradict shame and misinformation around women’s reproductive health and choices, affecting positive change from the personal to global levels.

We hope The Beautiful Cervix Project inspires our readers’ curiosity to observe and appreciate what is normal for each one of us as we track the subtle changes in our bodies throughout our cycles.

People have used this information for many purposes, including to realize the normalcy of their body’s cyclical changes, to celebrate their bodies, to achieve or avoid pregnancy, to understand their partners more, to further their study of medicine and health, and to promote healing through cervix-inspired art.  Whatever path lead you here, welcome!



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  1. my period is 1 or 5 days late I had a d&c,hystroscopy and laproscopy nov 20th.my period is like clock work comes on the 25th of each mnth,i had a tiny spot of pink on the bathroom tissue yesterday but that was it,my cervix is high,soft and closed,alot of milky white discharge,my breats are very sore,im tired a lot and I get winded very easily,i took a test this morn it was neg,i cant go see my doc until after the first of janurary,is it possible im preg but to soon to show on a test?


  2. I’m [ hopefully ) 5 weeks 4 days pregnant … My cervix is extremely high and it feels swollen closed … Its alot of discharge and today it’s been white but yesterday it was clear … is this normal ? Im sure I’m pregnant , I mean I haven’t had a positive test but I assume its because I tested to early . But could my cervix , various non-smelling , not itching , not burning discharge and VERY obvious &&’ quite annoying [ to me at least ) pregnancy symptoms be telling me I’m definitely pregnant ?? That’s my assumption but can you please help me verify ? I need a opinion until I can get another test … Btw Im 16 .


  3. hi,
    i am 16 years of age, well i was on my uh lets call it mother natures greeting! i wanted to check if it was over because it had been a few days so i put my finger inside and as i was maybe a inch or so deep i felt a hard bump with what seems like a opening almost like the vagina lips, is this normal? i have scheduled a pap test, i would bring it up with the doc at the appt but i am uncomfortable asking a male doctor.

    If anyone has feed back preferably woman who have had kids and can understand the confusion of a 16 year old.

    Thanks !


  4. i think this site is amazing! its amazing that we grow up not really being taught or edged towards taking notice of our bodies. things like this should be taught in science at later stages of school!


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