IUD and Pregnancy Images

Thanks for your continued support!! So far, the Beautiful Cervix website has had over 2 million page views from around the world!

The Beautiful Cervix Project website is now available for non-English speakers! There is a link in the bottom right of the navigation bar to translate my site into Spanish and other languages through Google translator. It might not be the most perfect translation, but the general meaning gets across.

A wonderful 25 year old medical student and her partner volunteered to photograph her cervix for an entire cycle.  She has an IUD and the photos are excellent quality.  View photos here.

Also, many women have been requesting photos of a cervix during pregnancy. Wonderful news! Another woman who is newly pregnant photographed her cervix. View photos here. Be sure to check back in a few months for photos later in her pregnancy.

Thank you so much to these amazing volunteers!

4 thoughts on “IUD and Pregnancy Images

  1. i would be more then happy to post my name here. i got an iud like 3 monthes ago and am still dealing with after effects, plus i would more then be happy to post the pics. seriously thanks for this page, your awesome and I adore you!


  2. i adore you. I adore you and would more then happy to post my cervix pics here. thanks for this site, youre awesome


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