Age 34 – TTC and Pregnancy

These photos showcase the cervix of a 34 year old woman during her third month of trying to conceive using a known sperm donor.  Her cycles are typically 35-38 days long.  She has never been pregnant before, nor has she had any STDs.  She has never used any form of birth control. 

Day 21

This photo was taken on day 21 of her cycle, the day after her first positive OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit).  You can clearly see the fertile eggwhite fluid covering her cervix.  This is the second day in a row that they inseminated, though this photo was taken before the insemination on Day 21.

Day 22


Day 24


6 weeks pregnant

This woman did indeed conceive during this cycle and this is a photo of her cervix at 6 weeks pregnant.  Congratulations!  Though a little blurry, you can see some white discharge, or leukorrhea, emerging from the cervix.  This is normal and common due to a rise in estrogen during pregnancy.  At 8 days after ovulation and insemination, she says her cervix felt very soft.


Since week 9, she has had increased vaginal discharge that is almost an orange color at times, which can be normal.  She has also had morning sickness since week 7 but it seems to be lessening near her 10th week.

7 thoughts on “Age 34 – TTC and Pregnancy

  1. I am 18 days past AF(period) and I have only had a tiny spottting that was only there once when I peed and wiped. I was just wondering how do I knkow where my cerix is and if I am feeling the right area and if so what should it feel like if I am pregnant. I am a mother of a two year old but I had a c-section with her so I am not sure what I should be feeling. I never heard of the cervix stuff until now. Thanks


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  2. Thank you for this project it has helped me to think and want to know more about my cervix.

    I have been ttc through home insemination but no postive result yet. Do you think home insemination works. Do you think raw egg white is hgyiene and effective.

    I will be glad to read from you.


  3. I am 12 days past AF and my cervix is high and soft and I am having a snotty discharge could I possibly be pregnant? I’ve taken two home test but they came out negative.


  4. I was in bcp for 6months and I stopped taking them. We are looking for a baby since our older son is 3 years old. My last period under my pills was January 12 and my normal period after stop taking pills was February 10th and I was supposed to have my period on March 7th now is April 12th and I haven’t get my period yet. Today I looked into my cervix and it looks all white and I was wondering if I can be pregnant however I’ve been taking home pregnancy test and all came out negative


  5. My husband and I have been TTC for the past two months. I had my period on March 10, 2013. Ovulated March 20-26. Had unprotected intercourse March 19, 21, and 23. I am always on time with my period but this month it came 6 days early. But it was not my normal period. It was pink spots on TP first than brown spots than red stringy mucusy discharge on and off, than on day 2 there’s some clots and nothing after that. Some mild-mod abd crampings and back pain. I did 3 HPT and they all came back negative. However, my cervix is soft and high and I do have odorless creamy opaque discharge. Am I pregnant?


  6. I went to the Dr 7 days before my period is due. We’ve been trying to concieve baby #3 for two months. The Dr said that my test came out negative but it was probably too soon to tell, she did however tell me that my cervix was bluish….she couldn’t tell me for sure if I’m pregnant but I would like to know the accuracy of the “blue cervix”.


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