Age 25 – Entire Cycle

This 25 year old woman has never given birth and has no history of STIs.  Each photo was taken at approximately 10:00 pm every day starting the first day of her menstrual cycle. For the duration of this project, she used condoms as her birth control method so as not to introduce semenal fluid into the photoshoot.  She did not use tampons or mooncups during her menstruation either.

This cycle is of normal/average length for her, about 33 days.  Her cycle’s follicular phase (variable number of days preovulation) lasts until about day 20 or 21.  Her fertile phase lasts from days 13 to 21 with ovulation on day 20.  Her luteal (postovulation) phase is 13 days long (12-16 days is the norm and is not variable in a normal cycle).

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 2.43.32 PM

This is a graph of her basal body temperature for this cycle.  As you can see, after ovulation on about day 20, her temperature began to rise due to the heat-inducing hormone progesterone produced by the corpus luteum.  This temperature shift signifies that ovulation has already occurred.  The coverline would be drawn at 97.4 F.  Check out more information about the Fertility Awareness Method of birth control to learn more about cyclical temperature changes.

You may notice on the right side of some photos, some jagged looking skin, which is the remnants of her hymenal ring.  Her os (opening in the cervix) is round because she has never given birth; the os becomes more of a slit after childbirth.  On the sides of the photos, you can see her vaginal rugae, which are the ridges that make the elastic muscular canal of the vagina able to open/expand dramatically during arousal and childbirth.

She also tracked the depth/movement of her cervix in her vagina.  These gradual shifts are not really distinguishable in the photos, but was a tangible change as the depth she needed to reach a finger inside to touch her own cervix varied slightly each day.  She also noted the firmness of the cervix and openness of the os – again a change she was feeling with her finger.

Her uterus is tipped backward (retroflexed), so you may notice that the cervix is pointing upwards in some photos.  The body of the uterus lies more towards her back than over her bladder as it does in most women.  Much scientific literature states that a retroflexed uterus is an anatomical variation that is present in about 20-30% of the population, and sometimes considered a genetic trait.  Another perspective is that proper alignment of all the pelvic organs can help tonify a woman’s fertility, ease menstrual cramps, and allow the proper flow of blood, lymph, nerve & chi energy.  Attention to posture, Mayan abdominal massage, and addressing underlying inflammation or injuries might help right the uterus into an anteverted position. 

Day One

Day One

Blood – red , clotty and heavy flow

Cramps – mild

Breasts – de-swelling

Feeling – very sexual and tender

Day 2

Day Two

Blood – Dark red, medium/light flow

Breasts – normal

Basal body temperature  – 97.2 F (and remains between 97 F and 97.4 F until day 20)

Day Three

Day Three

Blood – Brown and watery dark red, low flow

Day Four

Day Four

Brown Spotting with some dark red flecks (note fresh blood at os)

Day Five

Day Five

Light brown discharge; very low flow

Tender, heart-achey


Day Six

Day Six

Very light brown discharge

Sticky cervical fluid when touched between fingers

day Seven

Day Seven

Cervix in low closed position

Cervical fluid sticky

Day Eight

Day Eight

Cervix low and closed/firm

Cervical fluid white and sticky

Day Nine

Day Nine

Cervix low and closed

Dry sensation

day Ten

Day Ten

Cervix low and closed

Notice blood spot near os and brown clot near cervix (right).  This is not mid-cycle spotting as she is not ovulating yet. This woman has been diagnosed with an endometrial polyp that occasionally causes bleeding mid-cycle, usually unrelated to intercourse.

Day Eleven

Cervical fluid is creamy


Day Twelve

Cervical fluid white and wet, milky

Feeling particularly sexual


Day Thirteen

Copious watery cervical fluid

Cervix softening and moving upwards


Day Fourteen

White/clear watery cervical fluid, dripping


Day Fifteen

Cervical fluid changed to more eggwhite texture

Cervix is soft, open and high


Day Sixteen

Cervical fluid alternately wet and eggwhite consistency

Cervix soft and high


Day Seventeen

Cervical fluid is very gelatainous (here seen covering os) and streaked with whitish yellow

Sensitive, sensual breasts (not painfully tender)

Stringy Fluid when stretched between fingers (above)


Day Eighteen

Eggwhite fluid


Day Nineteen

More white-tinged eggwhite fluid

Very stretchy and strong Fluid (above)


Day Twenty

Mild back pain and cramp on left side (mittelschmerz)

Ovulation suspected!

Feeling very sexual

Cervical Fluid gelatinous and egg-white (right)

Os very open


Day Twenty One

Drier/chunkier cervical fluid – drying up pattern 

Nipples very tender and painful

Basal Body temperature beginning to rise, today 97.7  F, confirming ovulaiton


Day Twenty-Two

Tender nipples

Cervical position is middle


Day Twenty-Three

Very tender nipples

Dry feeling


Day Twenty-Four

Very tender nipples

Dry feeling

Cervix feels hard and high again


Day Twenty-Five

Headache and tired



Day Twenty-Six

Breasts swelling

Tacky cervical fluid

Basal Body temperature now very noticeably higher than preovulation by about 1 degree Farenheit.  It is now 98.1 F and ranges from 98.1 F to 98.6 F for the rest of this of cycle


Day Twenty-Seven

Tender nipples, swollen breasts

Tacky cervical fluid


Day Twenty-Eight

Dry feeling


Day Twenty-Nine

Dry feeling


Day Thirty

Dry feeling

Breasts feel heavy


Day Thirty-One

Feeling bloated

Dry fluid (note fresh blood at os, sign of impending menses)

Feeling emotionally tender


Day Thirty-Two

Very light brown spotting

Cervix low and open

Feeling tired


Day Thirty-Three

Pink spotting

Lower back ache

Menses begins tomorrow upon waking, 13 days after ovulation (luteal phase)


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  1. Wow this is amazing thank you for sharing


    Lany Reply:

    Eu gostaria que fizessem outras imagens que mostrassem o muco cervical numa sequência de alguem que engravide durante o ciclo, qual o muco k aparece?

    desde ja muito obrigada!


  2. very informative, keep up the good works. When ever my Fiance and I having sex like a week before my menses, after I orgasm i feel pain in my belly bottom for about a minute or two. What could cause this? and it only happens a week or some days before my menses, not less that a week. all the bother time am ok.


    Rachel Reply:

    Probably from your cervix being lower? According to this picture show.


  3. What about the polyps that were mentioned? I experience a little bleeding exactly ten days after my period each month.
    What is done about them? Are they cancerous or could be?


  4. Hi! Thanks for posting, amazing pics! As a matter of fact, I’m eigtheen and have no menstruation at all. I had my first period when I was twelve. I had dreadful abdominal cramps, but not in all cases. Then, around age 13 everything ceased and since then I dodn’t have menstruation at all! Until now I didn’t dare telling this to anyone. My mum doesn’t know anything about my problem and I’m afraid of gynecologists. What do you think, is this absolutely childish and foolish of me? What can be the cause of the lack of my menses?


    beautifulcervix Reply:

    I suggest you see a doctor about that – could be a hormonal imbalance or something structural that needs addressing. Taking care of yourself now is important and so worth it.


    Rebeca Reply:

    All right. Thank you for the answer!


    Lulu Honig Reply:


    you should definitely go and seea doctor about that. Not having any menses at your age means there’s something not exactly right, even the more if you did have your menses years ago.
    Certainly a gynecologist should be the first doctor to see a about that – I hope you can get past your fear of them. Additionaly, you probably ought to consult an endocrinologist. Not only might there be an imbalance concerning your sexual hormones (as beautiffulcervix has suggested), but also might your thyroid hormones be unbalanced. Thyroid deseases (especially hypothyroidism) are known to cause problems with the menstrual cycle and fertility in women.
    So please take care of yourself and go see a doctor! You feel a lot better when you know the cause of your problems and have found out how to remedy them!


  5. I have the same experence as illustrated in the photoes however i am diagnosed with Polycyctic Ovarian syndrom.
    however its constant and i have ben like this sicnce i am 16. how what ever it is you have or get ovver it.


    Lulu Honig Reply:

    You too ought to see have your thyroid checked! A thyroid hormone imbalance (mostly hypothyroidism) may be a cause of PCOS, and bringing the thyroid hormones back into order MAY in some cases help to remedy the sexual hormone imbalance that occurs in most cases of PCOS!


  6. this is excellent i’m glad I took the time to watch this. You did an extensive study and i’m greatful to you. Thank you may I have a copy I am a science teacher and a mother of a daughter?


  7. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! Thank you. I’m bookmarking this to show my daughter someday. She’s 10 1/2 so maybe when she starts her cycles.


  8. Hi. Thank you very much for this, I have left my pill on the 27th of october and started my period on the 30th of october. I need to ovulate wednesday which is today, but I only see creamy white discharge? And its wet as I put my fonger inside? My nipples feels a lil bit tender? I did a opk but its neg?


  9. Thank you so much for sharing this. It was incredibly informative and beautiful to see how our magnificent bodies truly work. You have helped so many women with this project. Keep up the good work (:


  10. it’s fun the differences between the countries..
    In France, we learn in the Medical University, that the women cycle is of 28 days only, and that the ovulation is at the day fourteen.

    OK, the luteal phase is 13 days.

    But, I thought that the temperature begins to rise at the ovulation day..?

    So, I need explinations..

    with my bests regards


  11. Thanks so much this is very interesting, i have been wondering how my body works to formulate my menstrual cycle but this is beautiful, i mean amazing. Wow am thrilled honestly,never expected this so unique and simple yet so glamorous and complete artistry. Thank u


  12. Hello, I’m 27. And i had LLETZ 2 months ago. But I have a lot of white watery discharge..I’m very worried, because I had it before the “surgery” and my doctor promise me , that after one it will disappear :(( My underwear lookink like it this a woman…expect, my it permanent. It’s without smell or something bad…Is it normally…Maybe my cervix isn’t yet recover?
    Sorry about my english, is not very good:)


  13. Hello! This is a very nice project, very informative! =) I have a question. Yesterday I felt inside of my vagina, something weird, like a tube, and I inmediatly thought of it as a penis (does it sound weird?) already inside of my vagina. I’m sure it wasn’t there before and I asked my boyfriend if he ever felt “something” in the way when we had intercourse, but he said no. Honestly I got really worried, thinking it might be a tumor or something, since I thought nothing is supposed to be inside of the vagina, so I looked it up on the internet and now I think it might be my cervix, that it’s lower now perhaps because I might get my period soon. Does this make any sense? Thank you! And keep up the great work =)


  14. Hi. Last week I had sex with my boyfriend with a condom during the start of my period. The condom made me feel a burning sensation so we decided to go unprotected. Neither of us have STDs or STI’s. I’m his first partner and I have been tested. However, after sex I had a burning sensation that grew stronger. A few days later I am dried out, severely itchy on my inner lips and about a half inch inside myself. A day later this itch spreads to my clitoris (around the hood), and to the top of my vagina (the skin right above the clitoris aka the top of the slit). I applied a&d ointment to try to calm it with some relief. However I started noticing that the skin around these affected felt cracked and were bleeding slightly. There was either discharge or some skin coming off of my clitoris in the hood area. I do not wipe front to back, but seperately. (I wipe my vagina first, then flip and fold the toilet paper and do my backside). I have noticed some mucusy discharge, and my normal discharge. However I’m concerned about the itching. I’ve never had a yeast infection and i’m wondering if this is what it is. I had a long yellowish-clear mucusy snot looking thing come out of me after sex which worried me even more. I didn’t get a period this month (I have PCOS and am on the pill), and I started my pills this thursday due to problems with insurance. I’m wondering whats going on. I don’t think it is a yeast infection because the discharge isn’t itchy nor smelly in any way. But the area is itchy. I had sex last night with my boyfriend, and it seems to have re-torn the areas that were affected. I am upset because I normally enjoy sex and now I feel like I can’t because of this pain. I just want it to go away. I don’t know if it is a latex allergy, because I’ve had irritation from condoms in the past, or if my boyfriend tore me a bit (he is big). Could I also be dried out from this problem, and from my spotting I had when I was supposed to have my period last week. I’m sorry. I’m just so confused and worried.

    Thank you.


    sam Reply:

    Are you allergic to latex? It may be the latex in the condoms. Just a thought.


  15. Wow.. This is crazy,, I’ve always wondered what your vagina looks like each day during your monthly cycle. I love it, thank you so much for the information.


  16. Can I just say that my mind had been utterly BLOWN!

    Wooow! I was NOT expecting all this incredible information! I didn’t even know what the cervix looked like and I’m 29! And yes, it’s kind of gross. Many props to you for educating both sexes.

    I think that I may be experiencing polyp right now. My menstrual ended last Tuesday, December 10. But on the 18, I’ve been spotting/light menses. It got to the point that I had to wear a tampon a couple days. Should I see a gyno for this or is this completely normal?


  17. Thank you so much for sharing this I learned so much about my body and so on it’s good to know your body and explore i love the gallery


  18. I always wondered what these weird jagged bumps at the entrance to my vagina were… now I know they’re the remains of my hymen. RIP hymen.


  19. I have wanted to know what my cervix looked like since I was 18. This website is amazing. Thank you 1000 times for the initiation, and also to the women who have shared their photographs.


  20. Hi,

    I am a medical student doing a rotation in women’s health. It is incredibly difficult to find descriptions of cervical mucus in textbooks. When a patient says that she has abnormal ‘secretion’, it is difficult to know whether it is normal, as the changes throughout the cycle is scantily described in textbooks. Thank you for sharing and for creating this project, it is really helpful.

    Best wishes


  21. Hello and thank u for the Pictures and explanation.
    I have a regular 28days cycle. Today am on CD12 and I notice stretchy cm a little bit yellow in color. It stretches up to 3cm but its not thin and transparent. When I release one finger, it becomes a blob. Could this be fertile cm? Thank you.


  22. The pictures helped to visualize what and how everything functions. I honestly did not understand the vagina and the cycle until this. Thank you for sharing!


  23. is ewcm normally that stretchy?? Mine is nowhere near that stretchy, and since my and my Hubby have started to TTC that kind of worries me. But if it differs between women then it’ll make me feel better.


    beautifulcervix Reply:

    varies between women


  24. A simple thank you to whoever decided to do this.
    We don’t all get a chance to learn about our bodies and to understand them and to know that we are most likely very normal. After countless years and fears of abnormal discharges, to see the changes so clearly and why they take place has answered so many questions.


  25. i must thank you as this work increased my understanding about the working of the female cycle and genitals..very good effort specially this young lady who actively participated in your project…


  26. I am so thankful for this. Today was the first day that I ever stuck my finger in my vagina while on my cycle (I thought I forgot to take out my tampon). I was so scared because I could feel a lump at the top and ridges on the walls. I typed in “what happens to a womans vagina during her period, and found this. I had to idea that the cervix drops and changes like that. I never even knew what it looks like. I was able to twirl my finger around it and knew it was different and I was so scared. I feel much better. I was close to going to urgent care!!


    Kali Reply:

    I literally just experienced the EXACT same scenario/situation, ended up on this site as well, and then read your comment – before making the decision to go to urgent care myself! I can’t explain how big my sigh of relief was following that entire chain of events. Every women should be equipped with this information and early on so they can understand the how truly amazing our bodies are and to educate them on the importance of sexual health. I’m totally sharing this with my girlfriends and will share with my daughters as well when they come of age and begin to develop. Thank you so very much for doing this project. It’s spectacular!


  27. We were encouraged to watch this as part of our RN course, our instructor is a Midwife. I am very glad she gave us this site. I worked in an OB/GYN office for 5 years and family practice for 5 years, I assisted in many pap smears, birth control visits and pregnancy visits. I have daughters that will someday need questions answered and hope this will give them answers more comfortably for them. This is a fantastic resource and wealth of information. Thank you.


  28. I’m so happy about this I was so worried about myself I didn’t know what to do I am day like 33 and its not getting better though, any suggestions? in fact its started to become a milky looking, stretchy texture, but it look as though it has blood in it. And I am 14 just thought I would throw that out there just in case thank you so much. I feel a little better now. I am still in a lot of pain, my stomache and back are starting to hurt a lot.


  29. Very informative! Please thank your client for doing this. As women, we like to learn more about our bodies & to have such great pictures it helps us to understand ourselves better. Thank you so much for your time & posting these informative pictures!!


  30. This was informative. I was amazed and awed by what goes on down there and I feel excited to do more research about my body and what it goes through. Thank you for this amazing piece of research. It is just too embarrassing talking to someone or even trying to come up with the questions and satisfying a curiosity. I wonder if pictures and information would change if the study was on a woman who say…had four children? Would things look different? I have had four children and I know things and menstrual cycles “feel” different than they did before the kids came.


  31. This was a very interesting and informative site, I thank you for having done this. Im 22 years old and have never gotten my period naturally. When I was 18 years old, I was put on birth control due to this problem, and I receive a period only when on birth control. I have seen many OB-GYN’s and have had many exams and ultrasounds and they all say everything looks fine structurally. Im concerned that if I cannot get my period naturally, I will never be able to have children. Do you know what could be wrong with me?


    beautifulcervix Reply:

    The Pill is often prescribed to induce a ‘period,’ but you’re right – it often just masks an underlying hormonal imbalance. Is there a naturopath or acupuncturist in your area who can help you balance hormones naturally to get you to ovulate/get a period naturally?


  32. This is absolutely fascinating! Thank you so much for taking the time to document this – I’ve just had an IUD fitted and was wondering about the appearance of the cervix as a result. This has inspired me and I think I will start my own version of this, though I may not publish it as you have done.


  33. That’s so incredibly fascinating !!! The cervix resembles the glans of a penis which I really wasn’t expecting. Honestly, I’m so fascinated. Thanks for the post. After 6 babies I never really had an idea of how my cervix, mucous and sexual organs changed in these ways.


  34. Hi.. It is good to know about it. But i have my question regarding my private part. I am 48 yrs old now I have 4 children.. As my partner went back to his country for three months I dont have sex also for that three month’s. When he came back it is the second day of period we do sex even though I told him i had my period. He complained why i had a big hole on my vagina that he can easily enter to my pussy. After my period i can feel his dick coming in and out into my pussy. Please can you explained why my vagina open widely during my period. As my husband was disturbing me that I fuck another man at the time that he is not around with me.I told him i never open my legs to anybody. Please it is hard for me to understand also why i become wide but after my period it tightens..


  35. This is such an informing website! So many questions I’ve had for YEARS have been answered! Thank you so much for dedicating your time and resources to this educational gem! I wish I had known about this website years ago! Thank you!


  36. Absolutely amazing! This kind of thing shows me everyday that God exists and love us.
    Congratulations! Wonderful work!


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