Age 22, 15 Months Postpartum

This is the cervix of a 22 year old woman who has had one vaginal birth 15 months ago and is currently breastfeeding her son.  She had a LEEP to treat HPV about 6 years ago, but her pap smears have been normal since then. She is taking the herb Vitex to help balance her hormones.

Tracking fertility signals postpartum can be tricky as cycles are often irregular in length or take time to become regular and ovulatory again.  This woman occasionally tracked her cervical mucous, viewed her cervix, took her basal body temperature, and felt her cervix in her months postpartum.  She paid attention to when her cervical fluid changed in quality and anticipated potential ovulation.

 age 22, 15 months pp. day 402wv

402 Days Postpartum

This photo was taken 402 days postpartum.  She has not ovulated or had a period since the birth of her baby.


 age 22, 15 month pp, 405 day pp, wv

405 Days Postpartum



417 Days Postpartum  

She observed her cervical mucous to be sticky.


 age 22, 15 months pp, 460wv

460 Days Postpartum

About 2 months after the previous photo she noted her cervical mucous is creamy, which you can see pooled at the bottom of the photo next to the speculum.  This change from sticky to creamy can indicate fertility and the possibility of approaching ovulation.



age 22, 15 months pp, 463 days wv

463 Days Postpartum

Two days later, her cervical mucous became more watery, confirming a shift towards increased fertility. 

5 days later, her OPK tested positive, indicating ovulation is likely to happen soon.  She experienced this ovulation the next day as her cervix was soft and open, with watery slightly stretchy cervical mucous. She also experienced ovulation pain (cramping and backaches) for several days prior.  She observed a LOT of cervical mucous and felt extremely emotional, tired and irritable leading up to ovulation.   Though she did not know it at the time, she did conceive during this first ovulation postpartum!



age22, 15monthspp,465 days pp wv

 465 Days Postpartum

This photo was taken the day after her first ovulation postpartum, 465 days since she gave birth.