Age 23 – Colposcopies, Pre and Post LEEP

This is the cervix of the 23 year old woman who has no history of STIs and has never been pregnant.  She underwent two colposcopies due to abnormal precancerous cells being found on her pap smear results.  Once the speculum is inserted, the doctor uses a colposcope (like binoculars) to illuminate and magnify the inside of the vagina and cervix so s/he can see what is not visible with the naked eye.  Sometimes vinegar or iodine is sprayed or swabbed onto the cervix; these solutions will react with irregular cells and change their appearance/color, so s/he can detect the tissue that is of  concern.  S/he may also take a biopsy, or tissue sample, from the surface of the cervix or endocervical canal (slightly inside the os) to send to the lab for further testing. 

During Colposcopy

This photo was taken during her first colposcopy after abnormal cells were found in her pap smear results.  A biopsy confirmed abnormal cells and so a LEEP procedure was preformed to remove the abnormal tissue 3 months later.



2 months after the LEEP procedure, this woman had a Paraguard IUD inserted as birth control.  About 6 months later, her doctor performed another colposcopy (photographed here) because her pap smear again showed abnormal results.