Age 28, Post Polypectomy

This is the cervix of a 28 year old woman who gave birth vaginally 4 years ago.  Her cycle normally lasts about 30 day and she has no history of STDs. 
She noticed she was having irregular periods for a few months and consulted her doctor.   She was diagnosed as having a cervical polyp, a (usually benign) growth on the cervix which can cause irregular bleeding, bleeding after intercourse, or heavy periods.  About 7 months ago, she had it removed  in a simple surgery called a polypectomy.  Click here for a very graphic video of a poylpectomy.  Her cycle returned to normal within 3 months after surgery.     

Day 22

You can how the cervix is open and red at the os, the site of where the polyp was growing.  It was successfully removed 7 months ago.