Age 30* – Various cycle days

This woman is 30 years old and has birthed vaginally.  She has no history of gynelogical procedures or surgeries, STIs, or abnormal pap smears.  She currently does not use any type of birth control.  Her cycle is typically 28 to 29 days long.  



Day 1

Red blood flowing through os.



Day 2

Heavy flow.  Dark red blood seen pooling in speculum.



Day 4

Red blood flow.  The os is slightly obscured by the vaginal wall on the right side of the photo, but you can see blood flowing from it down onto the speculum.  The small yellow dot to the left of the os is likely a benign Nabothian cyst and is visible in a few of the other photos.  



Day 5

Red flow.



Day 9

Thick whitish yellow cervical fluid.   The small Nabothian cyst is also visible here to the left of the os.




Day 11

Cervical fluid is copious, clear, streaked with white.  It is seen pooling at the bottom of the photo.  This is likely a day of high fertility.



Day 13

Cloudy cervical fluid.



Day 26

Two days before menstruation begins again.