This project exists because of the curious and bold people who have volunteered to photograph their own cervices and submit them to the project for the education of the general public.  We are all so grateful to you!

If you are interested in participating in this project by photographing your own cervix, please email us and we will send you complete instructions.

Beautiful Cervix Project’s vision is to document a variety of cervices.  We are currently especially seeking people who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Are willing to endure a speculum exam during labor (to view a dilating cervix)
  • Have given birth and want to document an entire cycle
  • Have short, long or anovulatory cycles
  • Have an STI or vaginal infection
  • Have had a colposcopy or LEEP procedure
  • Have two cervices/uteri
  • Are on the birth control pill or other hormonal contraceptive device
  • Are menopausal or post-menopausal



Most cameras have a hard time focusing on something in the dark (like a beautiful cervix tucked inside a vagina), so here’s a DIY cervical photographing tutorial:

  • Use the speculum to view your cervix.
  • Put the camera on ‘macro’ function (usually looks like a little flower image) and turn on the flash.  You may need to also shine the flashlight into the vagina during the photo.
  • Note about how deep into the vagina your cervix is — say 3 inches.  Have your partner focus the camera on something 3 inches away from the lens (like her/his hand) and push the shutter down half way and hold it.  Then, he/she’ll move the camera up to the mouth of the vagina and then push the shutter all the way down to take the photo.

Many people have had success using a smartphone or digital camera that allows you to touch the screen to focus on the desired focal point – your cervix!