Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals – Find an educator, teacher trainings, professional memberships

Self-Collect – Convenient at-home STD and HPV (including high and low risk HPV genotypes) & vaginal discharge testing – collect at home, mail in for anonymous, accurate results.  Use promo code LoveThyCervix for 10% off! – Feminist resources, activism, current events

Feminist Women’s Health Collective – Cervical Self-Exam Instructions

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands – Remaking the World with a Feminist Vision

National Women’s Health Network – Advocacy and information about sexual and reproductive health and autonomy

Re:Cycling – Blog by the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

Trans cervical health primer –  Info and resources for trans guys. Got a cervix?  Get a Pap!

HERS Foundation – Hysterectomy Alternatives and After Effects

Midwives Alliance of North America – Professional midwifery association that promotes an evidence-based Midwifery Model of Care, addressing health disparities, and achieving optimal outcomes through normal physiologic birth and healthcare across the lifespan.

North American Registry of Midwives – Advocacy, professional development, and news about Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs)

International Center for Traditional Childbearing – Infant mortality prevention, breastfeeding promotion and midwifery and full-spectrum doula training

Midwifery Today – The Heart and Science of Pregnancy, Birth, and Homebirth

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