Age 30* – Entire cycle

This is the cervix of a 30 year old woman who has given birth vaginally twice.  

She typically has a 24 to 25 day cycle.  This cycle was 24 days and 23 days are pictured below.

age 30* entire cycle- day 01

Day 1

Red bleeding from the os.  


age30*entire cyc- day2

Day 2

Red blood flowing from the os and covering much of the cervix.


age30*-entire cyc-day3

Day 3

Red blood flowing from os.


age30*-entire cyc day4

 Day 4


age 30* -entire cycle-day5

Day 5

Last day of menstrual bleeding.


age 30*-entire cyc-day 6

Day 6



age30*-entire cyc- day7
Day 7


age30*-entire cycl-day8

Day 8


age 30*-entire cyc-day9

Day 9


age 30*-entire cyc-day10

Day 10

Milky, creamy cervical fluid coming from os and collecting in speculum.




age 30*-entire cyc-day11

 Day 11

Cervical fluid milky and clear.


age30*-entire cy- day 12

Day 12


age 30*-entire cyc-day13

Day 13



age 30*-entire cyc- day 14

Day 14



age 30*-entire cyc-day15

Day 15



age30*-entire cyc-day16

Day 16


age30*-entire cyc-day17

Day 17





Day 18



age30*-entire cyc-day 19

Day 19



age 30*-entire cyc- day 20

Day 20



age 30*-entire cyc-day 21

Day 21



age 30*-entire cyc-day 22

Day 22


age 30*-entire cyc-day 23

Day 23