Support the Vision!

The vision of the Beautiful Cervix Project is to teach cervical self-exam and Fertility Awareness to women and people all over the world.  Become a part of the movement to empower women in their healthcare choices. Help promote respect for the wonder and power of our bodies through education and self-awareness!


 I am raising funds for my time and expenses, including:

  • Time spent maintaining and updating the site and responding to emails
  • Equipment for photographing other women’s cervices
  • Marketing and advertising of this site
  • Web-upgrades and hosting
  • Creating pamphlets or a book (for distribution at health centers, medical schools, colleges)
  • Furthering my education in women’s health and Fertility Awareness
  • Outreach projects (teaching workshops to women/partners about their fertility/cycles, etc.)

If you have found this website useful, please consider donating via PayPal – any amount is helpful ($5 to $100 or more).  Together we can create a world where women’s bodies are understood, respected and celebrated!