Age 21 – Day 14

This is the cervix of a 21 year old woman. She has irregular length cycles and often only bleeds for a few days when she has her period. She has been treated for Chlamydia in the past and uses a diaphragm for birth control. She took this photo after being gifted a speculum in a women’s sexuality class at her University.

The red area you see around the os is vascular, mucous-producing endocervical epithelium (tissue that is usually on the inside of the os) which has grown out onto the face (exterior portion) of the cervix. This is a variation of normal and called cervical ectropion.

She thinks it is “interesting and cute how my cervix hides ever so slightly off to one side.” It is normal for the uterus to be angled slightly in the pelvis and this may change as hormones fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle. Often bodywork or postural changes can help align the uterus centrally, and help restore optimal blood and lymph flow and digestion.