Age 21 – Post-Abortion

This is the cervix of a 21 year old woman, who had a vacuum aspiration at 12 weeks of pregnancy 4 weeks prior to beginning this photo series. A vacuum aspiration is also called a surgical abortion or suction abortion.  During this type of abortion, the provider numbs the cervix and surrounding area with local anesthetic so they can dilate the cervix slightly by inserting rods of increasing size into the os, stretching it wider. The provider then inserts a small cannula (tube) into the os and the contents of the uterus are removed by suction.  

She did not have a period during this photo series, but seems to have had an estrogen surge around days 42-49 post-aspiration, as indicated by the soft cervix, watery and egg-white cervical fluid, ans open os. It can take a few months for cycles to return to normal after the termination of a pregnancy.  She reports she typically has irregular periods anyways, so this may already be a return to her baseline.