Age 26 – Trichomoniasis

These are photos of a 26 year old woman’s cervix. She has birthed two children, one vaginally and one via Cesarean section. About six years before these photos, she had a blighted ovum (anembryonic pregnancy) and a D&E  procedure. She also had a missed miscarriage about a year before these photos were taken. She currently has HPV.

She typically has a 35 day cycle and is currently trying to conceive. This was an unusually long cycle for her, lasting 42 days and these photos are taken during her luteal phase. There is a whitish yellow mucus flowing from her cervix; this is unusual for her during the final days of her cycle.  She was later diagnosed with trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted infection caused by a parasite and treated with antibiotics. Though most carriers of trichomoniasis show no symptoms, some have an increased vaginal discharge or pain during intercourse.