Age 27 – Before & After Cryotherapy

This is the cervix of a 27 year old woman before and after her cryotherapy. She has given birth vaginally 2.5 years before these photos were taken. She has never had any STDs. She typically has 27 day cycles and tracks her cervical fluid and basal body temperature.  She is trying to conceive her second baby, though the doctor advised to wait until her cervical healing was complete.

A recent abnormal pap smear lead her to get a colposcopy and punch biopsy to sample the cells. The results showed acute and chronic inflammation (cervicitis), but no malignancy (cancer) and no HPV.  The recommendation was for cryotherapy, a quick procedure in which a doctor freezes the abnormal cells hoping they will not grow back and healthy ones will grow in their place. About two weeks after the cryoptherapy, she had silver nitrate applied to her cervix to further cauterize the abnormal cells.