Age 32 – Entire Cycle

This is the cervix of a 32 year old non-binary person who has never given birth before.  They are trying to conceive through intrauterine insemination, or IUI, so it is important to understand the cervix and changes in fertility during the menstrual cycle.  They did not attempt an IUI during this photographed cycle.  They have had HPV, discovered by an abnormal pap smear.  A colposcopy and cone biopsy were performed and the following pap was normal/clear.  

They do not use hormonal or barrier birth control and use a Diva Cup to catch menstrual fluid during their period.

On average, their cycles are about 28 days long and this cycle was 29 days.  They had an LH surge on day 16 (determined by a home ovulation test) and estimated ovulation was day 17.  After day 18, their partner/photographer noted that their cervix was harder to locate – perhaps angled or deeper in the vagina.