Age 35 – Gardnerella Vaginosis – BV

These photos are from a 35 year old woman who has never given birth and tracks her cycle using cervical fluid and ovulation test strips.  Her menstrual cycles are typically 30 days long. 

After having some irritation and yellow green discharge, she saw her practitioner and got a Gardnerella diagnosis.  Gardnerella vaginalis is a type of bacteria that is normally present in the vagina, but when there is overgrowth/imbalance, it is the most common type of bacterial vaginosis, or BV.  People with Gardnerella overgrowth don’t always have symptoms, but may experience a fishy vaginal odor or thin white, grey, greenish or foamy discharge.  

The allopathic treatment for gardnerella overgrowth is with antibiotics, but this woman decided to use the natural antimicrobial power of garlic cloves used as a vaginal suppository.  Her infection cleared after five days of nightly suppositories and she restored the normal balance of her vaginal bacteria, as seen in the last photo, taken two days after the infection cleared.